Midnight Rose by Wendy Buonaventura


by Wendy Buonaventura

Midnight Rose is a novel based on the life of one of the most notorious female performers of the Edwardian age. Maud Allan found fame for her portrayal of the ultimate dancing femme fatale, Salome. Combining fact and fiction, Midnight Rose explores the extraordinary life of one of the earliest celebrities.

I put a spell on you by Wendy Buonaventura


by Wendy Buonaventura

From the cancan and tango to the waltz and black bottom: this book looks at how women have used dance for self-expression, financial independence and to escape the confines of society.

‘Buonaventura’s theatrical flourish never deserts her in her bravura leaps through history…She knows dance to be a language beyond words, but she has somehow translated it so that the story of how we move reveals also what moves us.’ – Justine Picardie, The Daily Telegraph

‘Biting and incisive…the writing bristles with the sharp observations of an informed insider’ – Dance Theatre Journal

‘Wendy Buonaventura’s wildly provocative book operates on many levels, using women’s dance to probe the subject of social power, class and gender politics the world over…For anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing this author perform, she dances as she writes: drawing you in with flowing ease and grace before shooting from the hip with a devilish twinkle in the eye!’ – Mosaic Magazine

The American edition of this book, (identical book, but with a different title!) is called Something In The Way She Moves.

Available from the publisher. ISBN # 978-0-86356-628-8

Serpent of the Nile by Wendy Buonaventura

Women and Dance in the Arab World

by Wendy Buonaventura

  • ‘A lively and lavishly illustrated excursion into the history of Middle Eastern dance’ – New York Times
  • ‘For anyone seriously interested in dance this book is invaluable’ – Dancing Times

See a slide show and interview with Wendy on the Guardian Newspaper’s website – click here

Serpent of the Nile, has become a classic on the subject of Middle Eastern women’s dance, and has been in print continuously since 1989 in both original and updated editions. On publication it was chosen as an Observer Book of the Year. It has been translated into French, German, Dutch and Russian.